Anik Singal’s Publish Academy Review and Bonuses

I will be posting my honest review on Anik Singal’s upcoming launch named “Publish Academy” on October 6 2015. Approaching Anik for the review copy 😉

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Anik Singal’s List Academy Program – What Is It?

What is List Academy? Is It Worth Buying?

Anik Singal’s List Academy

How is it different from Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint and Profit Academy programs?

Difference between Inbox Blueprint and List Academy

Inbox Blueprint is a list building product. It is designed for people who are new to Internet Marketing and teaches students the basics of the Industry.

List Academy goes beyond the fundamental teachings of Inbox Blueprint and teaches you exactly how to communicate with your list. From what you should promote and how often to what your actual emails, subject lines, and calls to action to your list should look like.

In List Academy Anik will teach you exactly how to communicate with your list to get the most out of it and increase your profits.

Difference between Profit Academy and List Academy

Profit Academy is a dynamic compilation of list building, product creation, conversion and sales funnel strategies.

List Academy goes beyond the teachings of Profit Academy and teaches you exactly how to communicate with your list. From what you should promote and how often to what your actual emails, subject lines, and calls to action to your list should look like.

In List Academy Anik will teach you exactly how to communicate with your list to get the most out of it and increase your profits.

Should you have any further questions, please email me at

What Does It Include?

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Anik Singal’s List Academy Program

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IMLobby Trial

IMLobby TrialA fantastic collaboration of two professionals of internet marketers, Anik Singal and Ritoban Chakrabarti having experience of more than a dozen products combined. All their knowledge and skills came together to launch their new product called

The product is a successful launch and already making a lot of buzz in the Internet marketing business.

What Its All About?
IMLobby is a automatic website making software which creates websites running on autopilot, by selecting keywords and niche already researched from high GMSV Google keywords. After this software automatically creates website. The product runs on all automatic and has enhanced features which brings it up above the crowd of other online making products.

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How it works?
IMLobby creates content rich webpages which is one of the most important aspect of getting traffic or getting well ranked on Google. The software is embedded with individual software that creates articles which are not only original but also very meaningful and content rich.

Creating a website using IMLobby is a 4 step process which are as follows; selecting niche of your choice, selecting keywords, registering domain name, creating website and quick indexing your website. Software also provides its registered users the benefit of training program, affiliate packs and 24*7 online customer support.

IMLobby $1 Trial Offer

IMLobby trial
IMLobby provides a 7 day trial period just for $1, which sometimes seems unbelievable for the features they have.

Some of the uproot features are:

  • 5000 keywords to create more than 5000 websites.
  • Access to video tutorials
  • Access to training centre
  • Weekly Strategies
  • Readymade sites pack.

Trial version also covers tutorials about various Internet Marketing concepts like keyword research, e-mail marketing, clickbank and facebook marketing etc.

There are several modules for people who are new to the internet marketing.They will get the modules and transcripts about few of the latest trends of affiliate marketing, paid advertising, Business analysis, Web Development and Web Promotion. It also covers some of the essentials of SEO, SMO, Traffic Generation and Web Monetization.

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IMLobby is all juiced up product of online money making. If one gets the access, then one can think of earning money on a regular basis from sites created and the training they have got from Imlobby.

Trial period gets extended automatically to the basic level after 7 seven at monthly charge of $97 dollars. Trial period gives you all the chnace to learn the basics of IMLobby so that you can continue creating your websites as you enter into upgraded level of Basic or VIP upgrade.

IMLobby $1 Trial Offer

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IMLobby – Is The Software Worth It?

IMLobby TrialIn the internet marketing field, Anik Singal and Ritoban Chakrabarty are recognized as the two young and renowned internet marketing gurus and this was not the case from the very beginning.

There are many internet marketers running their online business with some of them acquainted as the big names. Anik and Ritoban earned the fame by their desperate work to produce numerous programs which have been proved to be very helpful for the SEO industry.

Ritoban started from freelancing. Though he used to do this just for fun, he started to earn money by creating websites for his clients and gradually he became a big name in SEO industry. Anik is the founder of Affiliate Classroom memebership site. He educates people with all the affiliate marketing techniques on a virtual training center.

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There are a lot of ways to earn money online and it has become a trend today. A marvelous software, “IM Lobby“, launched by Anik and Ritoban is one such software in the line of making money online. If you think that you don’t have the proficient knowledge of marketing skills and Search Engine Optimaisation, so you are not able to make money, then this is not the case.

With IM Lobby, you don’t need to know the vast SEO knowledge and techniques. If you are just a beginner, then also you can use this awesome software very easily.

IMLobby $1 Trial Offer

There are 5 simple steps to follow with this software and you will have your own website to begin with money making. You have to start with selecting the best suitable niche for your site. Next step is to choose keyword for the site. In third step, the software will generate some domain name suggestions with domain name extensions.

The fourth step includes choosing the domain name, registeration of it and putting your domain name to enter. After that click on “Create my Website” button and you will get your website in just few minutes. You need to enter your FTP path to upload the website on your server and also on directory. You can also do it manually.

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IM Lobby is featured with some bonuses also. On IM Lobby website, you can get prebuilt websites for different niches for generating your own website. Select the website according to your niche, downlaod it and upload it. You can also customize the website before uploading it. It enables you to start earning instantly.

There are also affiliate packs available on IM Lobby’s official website. Under these affiliate packs, you get access of ready made affiliate review websites with articles, autoresponders, etc that is also a great method to earn money. IM Lobby’s website is also a great destination to get basics of internet marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and start earning TODAY!

IMLobby Software

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